Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Be Careful With My Heart Episode 618 (Final 5 Days) Reaction-Recap

I can’t believe that this show is finally ending or that ABS-CBN is actually ending the show that dominated the morning timeslot for over 2 years. But, it’s for the best since Be Careful With My Heart definitely overstayed its welcome.

I watched BCWMH since it began on 2012 and only missed a couple of episodes in its first year and I was one of the many fans who was addicted to the show but as it got more extensions with no clear end in sight, my interest dwindled until I stopped watching for months. It got preachy and draggy and at times frustrating but now that it’s ending, I started watching it again and I realized that even if I don’t love this show as much as I did in the beginning, I’m still gonna miss this sucker.

Be Careful With My Heart Episode 618 Recap

Now that LAS’ (Lim Aviation Services) reputation is redeemed, Richard (along with Celeste) wants to get interviewed by the Philippine Daily to get his side of the story. He’s unsure but Maya encourages him.

Nicolo sings everyone a congratulation since they’re graduating except for Nikki, Luke and Joni who still has a year left.

More good news for Richard; the foreign students that backed out re-enrolled. He shares the news with Maya on their ‘you and me time’ and he also asks her to come with him to the interview.

Richard: “I just want you to be there.

Interview Day. Richard is nervous but Maya is there to hold his hand. Celeste admits that LAS experienced major setbacks when she took over and letting go of Richard was the biggest mistake their company did.

Meanwhile, Richard says he wasn’t surprised when the truth (of the plane crash) came out because he trusted the people at LAS and admits that he had a hard time as a result but because of his family, he got by.

As for future plans, they’re planning on producing more graduates of LAI (Lim Aviation Institute) and reveals that he’s not coming back to LAS as he believes that Celeste would do her best as the new CEO but Celeste reveals right then and there that she’s gonna step down as CEO.

She’s not doing it to get Richard back to LAS but she’s hoping Richard would be the one to replace her. She also apologizes to Maya for all the trouble she caused and Maya accepts and tells her that everything happens for a reason.

The next good news is for Kute who receives a call that she got a job; she’s happy but gets sad because it would require her to be away from her son Cho.

Cho whole-heartedly supports her although he’s gonna miss her when she’s gone. They share a warm hug. Kute calls Pards (Cho’s dad) to tell him about her job and Pards tells her that he’ll take care of Cho while she’s away and of course her parents (Teresa and Arturo) tease her about it.

Wait, does it mean Tom Rodriguez will cameo? That would be awesome.

All the employees at LAI are busy for the upcoming start of classes. Richard gets a surprise visit from the LAS executives who convinces him to come back because if he does, he would get back everything; his title, stocks and all the works. Richard seems pretty tempted.

Meanwhile, Maya along with her fellow flight attendants gets promoted as international attendants. Although it was always been her dream to fly internationally, Maya isn’t as ecstatic as her co-workers.

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