Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Be Careful With My Heart Episode 619 (Final 5 Days) Reaction-Recap

Be Careful With My Heart Episode 619 Recap

Richard and Maya talk about their predicaments. Richard isn’t interested in going back to LAS because he’s happy with LAI while Maya wants to reject the promotion even though she always dreamt of being an international flight attendant.

She reasons that she doesn’t want to miss their kid’s milestones (no matter how small) because if she accepts the job, it would take so much of her time.

The next day, Maya tells her boss that she chooses to remain as a regional flight attendant but her boss extends another job offer; as a line administrator.

She would supervise (more or less) 50 cabin crew; she’ll check and rate their performances and such, she explains all this to Kute (via call). She’ll still get to fly although not as much as before. She adds that she factored in their parents in her decision, by accepting the job she will have more time to visit them often.

Maya is also happy for Kute because of her new job and Kute shares that Jeff ‘Pards’ would take care of Cho while she’s away. Maya starts to tease her but Kute affirms that they would never see her in a wedding gown.

Lino is frustrated with a text he received from an unknown sender but Kute makes him realize that it’s from Lindsay and the contents of the text is a sign that he can start courting her.

Lino goes crazy in excitement as he asks their parents for an advance pay and a leave (from their eatery) so he can start courting Lindsay.

Richard picks up Maya after work and they bump into an employee from LAS. He tells them that he’s moving abroad and quitting LAS because the company is not doing well (despite being cleared from the scandal).

He blames the management issue and the lack of the company’s direction because no one wants to take over Celeste’s newly-vacated CEO position. This makes Richard perturbed.

The kids happily welcome Richard and Maya home and even cooked for them (Nilaga as their reward). Because as the saying goes; “Pag may tigaya may Nilaga.”

Sabel bring in more food for their celebration and everyone happily digs in. Later that night, Richard can’t sleep as he re-thinks going back to LAS.

The next day over at LAI, things are looking good for the school since there are many enrollees and they’ve already hit their quota for the year.

Richard receives a letter from LAS with over 700 signatures of the employees who all want him to come back. He shares with Maya that he’s thinking of going back but he’s not sure if he can manage 2 companies (LAI and LAS) at the same time. Maya disagrees and thinks that he can.

It’s Maya first day in her new position as she introduces herself as the new line administrator to the delight of the flight attendants who congratulates her.

Richard meets with his LAI employees and asks if they can both work at LAI and LAS at the same time. He’s made up his mind and he’s going back to LAS and he’s gonna need their help. His employees couldn’t be any happier as they say yes.

Richard (with flowers) picks up Maya after work and literally picks her up; he happily tells her that he’s going back to LAS.

Maya is happy too because she had a great first day with her crew who she refers as her ‘anak’ (children). They’re happy for each other as they hug in excitement.

The LAS employees happily welcome Richard back and he tells them that they’re gonna save the company.

Richard receives a call from Dad (Don Roberto) who congratulates him. He asks dad if he thinks that he can really save the company. Dad replies that it’s not gonna be easy and it would require a lot of sacrifice but Dad has faith in him and so are all the people who believes in him.


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