Monday, June 30, 2014

It Takes Gutz to be a Gutierrez: Episode 5

Episode 5 Snark Recap

Pink Panda: On the cruise ship, Richard and Raymond spend some time and catch-up over lunch. Richard shares because of Baby Z; he has been watching a lot of cartoons lately.

Chunkie: Baby Z’s favorite cartoon is, of course the universally loved, Mickey Mouse. Raymond: “Why are children so attracted to that rat?” Hee!

Pink Panda: Ruffa is with Lorin and Venice in the pool area, she asks them(again!) if she should find a new husband(oy!!).

Chunkie The kids want to try the big waterslide and they urge Mom to try it too. Commence Ruffa’s whining: “It’s the biggest slide ever!!!” “I’m allergic to cold water!”

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

JasMINE The Series (TV5 – 2014) Episode 3 Recap

Our actress experiences the shittiest of shitty weeks and although she's trying her best to remain strong, naturally it gets the best of her, there’s only so much a girl can take.

But, despite everything bad happening to her, she still has a group of people she can always count on. We can now add our Inspector on that list who, little by little, is showing signs that he’s more than just a cold and reserved officer of the law.

Monday, June 23, 2014

It takes gutz to be a Gutierrez: Episode 4

Episode 4 Snark Recap

Pink Panda: Here we are again, with the most undramatic reality show on TV. Seriously though, there’s more family drama off screen than in the actual episodes.

Chunkie: Tell me about it! There was so much tabloid fodder and drama surrounding Baby Zion’s christening party, that was held recently, than with all 4 episodes of this crappy show combined.

Pink Panda: Maybe next season, they should just cast the Lahbati’s.

Chunkie: But that would mean, less screen time for Ruffa. We cannot let that happen.

Pink Panda: OMG! You’re right! Because we would rather hear Ruffa talk and talk and talk about herself than watch anything even remotely entertaining.

Chunkie: Good thing, this episode starts with Annabelle’s confessional.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Metro Manila Film Festival 2014 official entries *cringe*

Just when I thought that MMFF cannot set the bar any lower, they once again managed to surprise me. Just looking at the list of entries for this year’s film fest makes me uncomfortably cringe.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

JasMINE The Series (TV5 – 2014) Episode 2 Recap

And.....we're back! Because of a production incident, this episode was delayed for a week. As a result, this episode had a few technical problems, mostly with the audio and editing. Hopefully, no more behind the scenes drama unfold over the next few weeks. *fingers crossed*

Monday, June 16, 2014

It takes gutz to be a Gutierrez: Episode 3

Episode 3 Recap

[[[ (snark)Recap by Pink Panda and Chunkie ]]]

Pink Panda: We start with a BTS of the ‘Gandang Gabi Vice’ episode with Ruffa and Annabelle.

Chunkie: haven't watched that one.


Pink Panda: Nah! You didn’t miss much anyway. Next is a bbq lunch at Eddie and Annabelle’s pad with their lesser-known sons, Elvis, Rocky and Richie Paul.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Korean Dramaland 2014: My Dream OTP reunions

We're almost through with the second half of 2014 and with 5 OTP reuniting on the small screen, there's a big chance that 5 or more will follow. I've always believed that if it rains, it pours. So here’s my wishlist of OTP reunions that I want to reunite for the second half of 2014. (Miracles happen!)

Warning: This list contains spoilers for various Korean dramas…You have been warned!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Legal Wife Episode 98 (Finale Week) Reaction-Recap

Episode 98: The End of an Affair (Final Episode)

After paying Adrian’s hospital bill, Monica spots Nicole’s car in the parking lot, she wonders if she’s here right now and then she notices something inside the car. She breaks the window with a rock and carries an unconscious Jacob to the ER.

Friday, June 13, 2014

The Legal Wife Episode 97 (Finale Week) Reaction-Recap

Episode 97: The Judgment Day

Nicole begs Monica to let her see Adrian even just for a second but Monica remains firm; “No!”

Korean Dramaland 2014: The Year of OTP reunions

In dramaland 2013, paranormal elements and supernatural entities were the ‘it’ thing in the small screen. This year’s ‘it’ thing is definitely something different because only this year had a surprising number of OTP(One True Pair) reunions. 5 reunions to be exact and we’re only in the first half of 2014.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Legal Wife Episode 96 (Finale Week) Reaction-Recap

Episode 96: The Last Stand

After the emotional hug, Adrian gives Monica his wedding ring; he tells her to take care of the kids and he loves all of them so much. Both of them are already in tears as Adrian leaves. Damn! This is killing me!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Legal Wife Episode 95 (Finale Week) Reaction Recap

Episode 95: The Big Impact

A reversal from yesterday’s episode; now Max visits Nicole while Adrian goes to see Monica.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Legal Wife Episode 94 (Finale Week) Reaction Recap

The Legal Wife is a drama that I anticipated months before it even aired, solely because it's Angel Locsin's grand TV comeback. But, I got tired of waiting for the actual 'affair' to happen so I would just read other peoples summary and reactions until what was advertised from the very beginning happened. I watched it again live and I had various wild reactions every episode. For this recap, I'll use gifs that would best describe what I feel in every scene. *Sidenote: I'm a hardcore Monica-Adrian shipper*

Episode 94: The Maximum Risk

Dante points the gun at Javier (don’t shoot!) Javier apologizes to Dante but he won’t accept such a simple apology. He wants Javier to kneel. Javier declares that he’s not afraid to die right now; he urges Dante to shoot him. (Noooo!)

Monday, June 09, 2014

It takes gutz to be a Gutierrez: Episode 2

Episode 2 Recap

[[[ (snark)Recap by Pink Panda and Chunkie ]]]

Pink Panda: Ready to waste another 30 minutes?

Chunkie: Sure, why not? It’s for brainless fun anyway.

*Cue lame intro* G-gutz.…G-gutz....Gutz.…It takes gutz to be a Gutierrez!

Pink Panda: Oy, will I ever like that intro? It’s soooo so cheesy.

Chunkie: We finally see Baby Zion (on pictures) and OMG!!! He’s so darn cute.

Saturday, June 07, 2014

No 2nd episode for tomorrow's 'Jasmine'

Photo Credit: TV5
Filming has stopped for TV5's new weekly mystery drama 'Jasmine' because a member of the production staff had an unpleasant experience with a stalker. The show's director Mark Meily ordered the filming to a halt himself, to ensure the safety of the cast and crew.

Friday, June 06, 2014

JasMINE The Series (TV5 – 2014) Episode 1 Recap

I always love a good mystery thriller and I'm hoping Jasmine will turn out to be one; if the next 8 episodes is as good as this first one, then this could very well be TV5’s big break. I appreciate TV5 doing something new with producing weekly shows; I'm not sure but this is the 4th weekly show they've done after FTLOM, Positive and Obsession and I hope they continue producing more shows with this format.

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

It takes gutz to be a Gutierrez: Episode 1

Episode 1 Recap (Season 1 Premiere)

[[[ (snark)Recap by Pink Panda and Chunkie ]]]

Pink Panda: New Reality Show!!!

Chunkie: Don't you mean new reality zhow!!!?

Pink Panda: Seriously?

Chunkie: what??are we not allowed to intentionally misspell words too?

Pink Panda: *Sigh* I want to smack the guy who green lit that title.

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