Thursday, November 27, 2014

Be Careful With My Heart Episode 620 (Final 5 Days) Reaction-Recap

 Be Careful With My Heart Episode 620 Recap

Richard shares how happy he is because he’s going back to LAS with Maya as they get ready for bed. Maya, who’s excited and happy for Richard, cuts him in mid-sentence with a quick peck on the lips.

The next day, Richard tells Joni that after she graduates she’s automatically hired in LAS and Joni hugs him in happiness. Meanwhile Luke decides to stay in LAI.

In the car, Richard has shares the good news with Maya (Joni’s acceptance to his job offer among other things). They’re both happy because things are finally looking up.

Maya: “This is it sweetheart; all of your hard work is paying off.”

Richard: “Ours.”

Over the next few days, Maya and Richard are both doing great at work. They meet with Mr. Myers (the foreigner who bought their old house). Apparently, he’s moving back to the US permanently and he asks them if they still want to buy back the house.

More good news for the Lim family. Abby is Top 1 in her class. Richard and Maya share the house news with everyone. Sabel and Doris are happy while the kids not so much.

It’s because they think it’s a hassle if they move again, they’re fine right here and if they move back, Nikki won’t be roommates with Abby and Luke won’t wake up next to the smell of Sabel’s cooking.

Fortunately, Richard and Maya feel the same way and decide they would stay here. Everyone is happy with the decision including Doris and Sabel despite wanting to move back to the old house. They’re both just happy that the Lim family is. Aw!

Nikki, Luke and their friends celebrate after their graduation. Nikki and Nicolo sing their corny self-composed song for everyone.

After, Nikki congratulates Nicolo. They’re talking in private so she could give him her present secretly, Nicolo gets a little sad when she tells him that she already gave the others a gift because he thought he was special since he’s the only one she gave a present.

But Nikki corrects him, saying that his gift is indeed special. She hands him a letter and as Nicolo reads it, his smile widens and he suddenly jumps excitedly all the while screaming Yes!

Nikki tries to shush him to no avail. He goes to tell their friends that it’s official. Their friends think that they’re officially dating but he means that it’s official that Nikki gave him permission to court her. Lol. If he’s this excited, imagine how much he’ll be when they start dating.

Nicolo proclaims that “today is the best, best day of his life” and he tells Nikki ‘I love you’ which earns a hair grab from Luke.

At home, the family is celebrating Abby’s achievement. Doris is worried that Nikki gave Nicolo permission to court her but Richard and Maya tells her that they gave their blessing. Nikki assures Doris that she’s not gonna say yes right away and Richard tells Doris to just trust Nikki.

Nicolo’s present (pizza) for Abby arrives and Doris takes a piece first to make sure there’s no poison in it. Ha!

While Joma (the family driver) shares his good news; he’s renting a house so he won’t be a bed spacer anymore. They talk about May’s upcoming birthday and Abby mistakenly shares their secret, that they have a surprise for Maya. Oops!

That night, Richard checks if Maya is asleep and slips out of bed not knowing Maya is awake. He meets with the kids to plan their surprise. As they plan they’re unaware that Maya is just behind them eavesdropping.

They catch her in no time so Maya begs them to let her know the surprise since she’s so excited and Richard caves. They’re taking a trip to Ilocos with just the two of them. Maya is so touched and she thanks them for the gift.


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