Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Legal Wife Episode 96 (Finale Week) Reaction-Recap

Episode 96: The Last Stand

After the emotional hug, Adrian gives Monica his wedding ring; he tells her to take care of the kids and he loves all of them so much. Both of them are already in tears as Adrian leaves. Damn! This is killing me!

Monica just sits in her home looking at the ring while silently crying. Javier asks her; shouldn’t she be happy now that the annulment is settled? She clearly isn't.

 Javier thinks that Adrian is a better man now than he thought he was before for fighting for his family.
Still in an emotional state, Adrian is driving home when suddenly he crashes into a truck. Crap!

Monica receives the bad news from Sandra while Nicole receives a call from Rowena telling her to watch the news describing Adrian’s car accident. Monica and Nicole both rush to the hospital.

Monica arrives first and tells the nurses that she’s Adrian’s wife; Nicole arrives a little later and does the same.The doctors are operating on Adrian while Monica and Sandra wait outside in the hallway.

Confrontation scene.

Nicole angrily taunts Monica; she shouldn’t be here, she’s the one who caused Adrian’s accident and Nicole even rubs it to her face; she lost her claim of being his wife when she left him and asked for an annulment.

Sandra pushes Nicole away but she’s still going at it; taunting Monica until she can’t take it anymore.
Monica: “NICOLE, whatever you say, whatever you do, I am STILL the LEGAL WIFE.” F**k Yeah!
Nicole doesn’t know what to say and she just leaves.

 Luckily, Adrian is alive but he’s in a coma. Bunjoy is at the hospital with Javier and Eloisa tells them that Adrian is still in a bad condition. Bunjoy prays to God for his dad’s safety.

Nicole cries hysterically while Rowena cradles her. She wants to see Adrian so badly; it’s not fair, she loves Adrian, she wants to be by his side.

Monica goes to see Adrian; she can’t take the sight of him in an unconscious state and she just collapses in tears.

Nicole returns to the hospital with a basket of fruit in hand when a security guard stops her from visiting. He was ordered to not let her in. Nicole is furious and screams at him.

Monica seeing the commotion approaches them. When Nicole sees her, she immediately softens and pleads to Monica to let her see Adrian. She even kneels as she begs over and over to let her see Adrian, even just for a minute, no, even just for a second; she just needs to see Adrian.

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  1. Monica: “NICOLE, whatever you say, whatever you do, I am STILL the LEGAL WIFE.

    BOOM!!! *drops mic*


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