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The Legal Wife Episode 94 (Finale Week) Reaction Recap

The Legal Wife is a drama that I anticipated months before it even aired, solely because it's Angel Locsin's grand TV comeback. But, I got tired of waiting for the actual 'affair' to happen so I would just read other peoples summary and reactions until what was advertised from the very beginning happened. I watched it again live and I had various wild reactions every episode. For this recap, I'll use gifs that would best describe what I feel in every scene. *Sidenote: I'm a hardcore Monica-Adrian shipper*

Episode 94: The Maximum Risk

Dante points the gun at Javier (don’t shoot!) Javier apologizes to Dante but he won’t accept such a simple apology. He wants Javier to kneel. Javier declares that he’s not afraid to die right now; he urges Dante to shoot him. (Noooo!)

Just then, Adrian arrives and sees Dante pointing the gun at Javier. He launches himself and grabs Dante’s arm but he accidentally fires off the gun and it hits Javier’s shoulders. (Crap!)

Dante quickly leaves the scene. Adrian calls Monica and they go to the hospital. Luckily, Papa Javier is okay. (Thank God!)

Monica thanks Adrian (just hug already!) and tells him to go home. Adrian is reluctant but he leaves. The Santiago family is at Dante’s side, all of them crying but relieved that he’s safe.

Nicole receives a letter from Dante telling her that he’s going away indefinitely and he apologizes to her; he failed to be the father she needs him to be.

Max drags Monica for a fish ball date. Max: “Manong, I’ll make tusok-tusok na the fishball ha”

He tells her that he got a job offer from Nat Geo. Max wants her to tell him to stay but she urges him to go.

Monica: “Go find your happiness Max” (I volunteer to be his happiness!)

Max asks her if she still loves Adrian. Of course she does, she never stopped loving him. F*** Yeah!

Max: “All you need is love” That’s right!

They agree to just be friends and hug but Adrian sees them at this exact moment. Ugh!

Papa Javier and Mama Eloisa talk about Monica and Adrian and how it paralleled with what happened to them before. Javier believes that part of falling in love is getting hurt but it’s all worth it if it’s true love in the end.

Adrian: “Mas masakit na Makita si Monica na masaya sa ibang lalake kesa makita siya na malungkot at umiiyak dahil sa akin”

Bradley tells him that’s selfish thinking (true that).

Bradley advise him that if you truly love her, just let her go. No! Don't listen to him Adrian, go get Monica.

Bradley goes to talk to Monica; she gives her only 2 minutes to talk. He tells her the story of how Adrian kept searching for them in America and how he still loves her, he never cheated once when she was gone. Time’s up! Bradley leaves while she silently cries.

Monica looks at a happy couple and Jasper asks her if she’s envious. Monica: “A little”, Jasper: ‘Enough to give yourself a chance(to love again)?” Yes!!!!

Adrian visits Nicole while Max visits Monica. Adrian asks if Nicole’s okay. She tells him that she was never okay ever since Monica returned. Nicole: “Nang dumating si Monica, mas lalo mong pinaramdam sa amin ng anak mo na sabit lang kami sa buhay mo” Boo Hoo!!

Adrian tells her that from the start; “Si Jacob lang ang responsibilidad ko” Boom! He apologizes for causing all this mess. She questions why the hell he entered their lives only to cause all of them trouble and pain. 

Adrian declares that he’s done fighting against the annulment (nooo!), he wants to give Monica her freedom.

He finally tells her(once and for all) that he’s not the man who can give her the love and attention she needs and he will never be her man.

Turns out, Max is here to tell Monica that he’s leaving soon. They reminisce about the past and how Max was always there for Monica especially when she’s crying and at her lowest moments in life. Max tells her that every time he sees her crying, he hopes that Adrian would stop hurting her. He also tells her that “Sana naging akin ka na lang” Ugh, I feel so bad for you.

He realizes that this is it for them; they’re meant to only just be friends and nothing more. But, he’s always gonna be there for her whenever she needs him. Monica-Max shippers, I’m sorry to tell you this but your ship just sunked. :(


Nicole to Adrian: “Aminin mo naman sa sarili mo, aminin mo naman na minahal mo rin ako”. Adrian doesn’t say anything and just leaves.

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