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The Legal Wife Episode 97 (Finale Week) Reaction-Recap

Episode 97: The Judgment Day

Nicole begs Monica to let her see Adrian even just for a second but Monica remains firm; “No!”

The guard drags Nicole away and only when she’s out of sight, Monica lets herself cry.

Nicole calms herself inside a bathroom and when she steps out, a custodian who saw the commotion earlier asks her if she’s okay and what is her relation with the patient(Adrian)? She tells the custodian that they love each other and she asks her a favor; to call or text her the moment Adrian wakes up.

Monica talks to a still comatose Adrian; she tells him about the past, when he was always there for her whenever she needed him, about their kids(Bunjoy and Martina) and how they inherited some of his traits. She thanks God for bringing her to him and right now she needs him to fight through this for the sake of the kids.

Suddenly, Adrian's fingers twitch and he slowly opens his eyes. Thank God!

Dante visits Nicole, he’s worried about her. She lashes out at him and she blames him for what happened to her. Nicole: “Look at me, I’m your wonderful creation, I’m your daughter the mistress, a home wrecker, just like YOU.” Dante apologizes but Nicole just walks away.

Adrian, now out of coma, is transferred to a regular hospital room. He thanks Monica for being there for him.

Nicole goes to the park to pick up Jacob who is with his yaya. She steps out of the car to gather her thoughts outside, while the yaya puts a sleeping Jacob inside the car.

Nicole gets a call from the custodian telling her that Adrian woke up. She immediately runs back to her car unaware that Jacob is inside sleeping. She drives away while the yaya runs after them.

Monica is arranging Adrian’s things and tells him that she’s gonna step out for a second to take care of the bill. They exchange knowing looks and both of them look happy and contented.

Nicole is driving to the hospital, still unaware that sleeping Jacob is inside. The yaya keeps calling her but she’s too distracted thinking about Adrian, to pick up the phone. She parks the car and she hurriedly enters the hospital, leaving Jacob inside the car.

With the help of the custodian, she successfully enters Adrian’s room. The moment she sees him, the panic washes away from her face replaced by relief. Adrian’s clearly not happy to see her.

Adrian looks for Monica and this just upsets Nicole. Why is he always looking for Monica when she’s her ready to take care of him? Why Monica? Why not her? She’s the only one who truly loves him and she’s still hoping for a chance to end up together.

Adrian shoots her down; he never tried to string her along, he was always honest with her and he wants her to stop all of this because he loves Monica and they finally have a chance to start again. Meanwhile, still inside the car, Jacob finally wakes up and starts crying.

Adrian is hoping that he and Nicole stay good friends for the sake of their son, Jacob. At the mention of his name, Nicole snaps out of it, she leaves the room as she tells him; she’s so happy that he’s alive.


Okay, first things first, to those who said that Adrian won't wake up from his coma and would eventually die thus becoming the cliffhanger for this penultimate episode. Ha! You were wrong, I was right. I knew he wasn't gonna die, that would just be a disappointing way to end his story. I TOLD YOU SO!

Now with that out of the way. Let's talk about this episode, if I could describe this IT, the only perfect word to use is BORING. Yup, this episode was boring. I mean, that's it? for 20 minutes that's the best the writer can do? This is the penultimate episode, the very last one before the actual last and final episode. But for most of it, I zoned out. Partly because the scenes were predictable, wonderfully acted but still predictable and by the way, it's kind of cheating if an episode is mostly filled with flashbacks that are unnecessary and obviously used just to fill the time, which has been done for the last 3 weeks.

So, essentially for the last episode, we could expect that the ending would either be rushed or open-ended because of time constraints or it would be the usual cookie cutter happy ending; a few minutes of angst, drama and confrontations followed by a few minutes of resolutions, forgiveness and acceptance followed by a time jump with all the characters achieving contentment and satisfaction and one by one all them are shown in a montage sequence living their happy lives together, with the obligatory preachy narration from either Monica, Adrian or Nicole or from all of them, telling the audience that "no matter how hard it is to forgive someone, you will eventually be able to because time heals all wounds" or something like that.

Of course, there's nothing wrong with that ending, we all appreciate a happy ending. My main gripe is that they're literally saving the best for last, there's not enough room and time for any convincing redemption for Nicole; a redemption for Adrian and a realistic happy ending for the characters. The best the show could do is to let Nicole live somewhere really far away for a really long time because the 3 of them can't co-exist.

I would love to be proven wrong, so I really hope that the writers could somehow write an ending fit for the show and would stay true with the character's individual development. The Legal Wife, please prove me wrong and make me eat my damn words!

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