Tuesday, October 07, 2014

It takes gutz to be a Gutierrez: Episode 1 (Season 2)

Episode 1 Snark Recap (Season 2 Premiere)

Pink Panda: GUTZ is back!!! It’s Season 2 y’all! Yay!

Chunkie: Double yay! For the new (and better) opening.

Pink Panda: Aside from the main 5; Sarah Lahbati, Elvis G. and his preggy gf, Alexa Uichico (?) is now added to the fixed cast.

Chunkie: Dawho?

Pink Panda: I honestly don’t know.

Chunkie: I guess she has enough Gutz to be on this show?

Pink Panda: *snorts* We start Gutz S2 with Annabelle and Eddie talking about taking another family trip and this time locally, in Cebu. Then they talk more about their love story, how they met and fell in love.

Chunkie: ZZZZ! Their story is sweet but I don’t need to hear it every episode.

Pink Panda: Maybe that’s the only thing they’re comfortable talking about together on-cam?

Chunkie: Lol! Their housemaid has a ton of make-up on and she even has one of those cellphones where the phone and it’s casing is so old, the rubber band is the only thing that keeps it from breaking.

Pink Panda: Ha! I had one of those before, you know before the gigantic screen smartphones took over. Next up is Elvis and his preggy gf, Alexa and they’re in the middle of an ultrasound exam and the doctor tells them that the baby’s healthy.

Chunkie: Next, we’re shown personal videos of Richard, Sarah and baby Zion’s Palawan trip as Sarah explained that the trip made her forget all about the family feud that happened after Zion’s christening. (The one between her mom and Annabelle duking it out on Instagram)

Pink Panda: Sigh! Up next is Ruffa.

Chunkie: Can we just skip this part?

Pink Panda: Ok! *fastforwards* We catch up with Raymond (who’s now blonde) as he visits a Bench salon (of course!) with his BFF, stylist and celebrity Liz Uy.

Chunkie: I just can’t with his hair; it even looks more ridiculous in the white digital backdrop.

Pink Panda: I actually kind of like it. He and Liz talk about their upcoming London trip. Raymond: “I can be a little slutty in London.” Ha, what?

Chunkie: We’re back to Raymond and Sarah as they revisit the whole feud between their moms and all they want is to just get all of it behind them and move on. (And of course, the background music just had to be oh-so mellow and dramatic).

Pink Panda: Next, Sarah has lunch with Annabelle to sort things out and as they talk, the scene intercuts with both of their individual confessionals.

Sarah: “I’m not sure if she (Annabelle) can control her emotions”.

Chunkie: Ha! What an understatement, we’re talking about a woman who has been embroiled in countless scandals before.

Pink Panda: S2, Episode 1 ends with Annabelle tearing up in lunch while ranting in the confessionals.

Chunkie: For a season premiere, this was a bit underwhelming

Pink Panda: I know, right? Hopefully it picks up next ep.


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